During the operation of electronic equipment, the constituent elements emit a lot of heat, which can lead to failures and breakdowns. In order to regulate the temperature of the device it is necessary to use a fan. In autonomous mode, it accelerates the uniform removal of warm air and significantly cools the device. A fan (cooler) is a mechanical device through which air is supplied, blown or moved from the device due to a sharp pressure jump between the inlet and the outlet. What is the principle of the cooler? The mechanism is based on the movement of air by transferring energy from the rotation of the impeller. If the temperature mode is optimal – the fan is turned off when the temperature is above the permissible level, the sensor is activated and the fan is turned on. The main types of coolers by the method of creating excess pressure and air passage: ball-bearing fans – at the base of the mechanism is a ball bearing, used for less friction and faster turning, it works under high temperature conditions; sleeve fans – acts on the basis of an oil base and lubricates the structure to reduce friction during operation, is considered the most common cooler. Fan coolers contain these types of drive: electric, mechanical, hydromechanical. If necessary, our professional managers will always help you choose and buy a fan. Product only from time-tested manufacturers. Delivery of products is carried out from Asia, Europe and America. Fans are widely used in various types of electrical appliances and equipment. They are part of many technological processes and guarantee protection against overheating. Coolers are used for cooling: computer equipment, power supplies, industrial and medical equipment, engines and telecommunications equipment. In the online store of the company Eurocom Components the price of a cooler depends on its type and purpose. You can order goods from a trusted manufacturer both in retail (from one) and wholesale (small or large). Delivery works throughout Ukraine.