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To buy axial digital potentiometer in Kiev and Ukraine

Basic principle and use of digital axis potentiometer

Mechanical potentiometers have been used for decades in applications ranging from circuit tuning to volume control. However, axis potentiometers have their limitations: the slide lever can wear out, get wet, and be accidentally moved out of position. In addition, in the context of global digital transformation, designers need an alternative that meets the requirements for more precise control and high reliability, as well as the flexibility of remote configuration through embedded software.

Digital potentiometer ICs, often referred to as digital potentiometers, are the link between the worlds of digital and analog resistors and solve the above problems. As a fully electronic device compatible with microcontrollers, digital potentiometers can be controlled, set and changed by their resistance value or voltage divider ratio using a processor and software.

Digital potentiometers have features and functions that mechanical potentiometers cannot match, and digital potentiometers do not require sliding arms, so they are more durable and reliable. The digital potentiometers are protected from intentional or accidental adjustment, which prevents inexplicable performance changes. Applications for this device are numerous, including LED thermal stabilization, LED dimming, closed loop gain control, volume control, calibration, Wheatstone bridge trim for sensors, current source control, and programmable analog filter tuning.