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Minimum order amount: 500 UAH
Quantity of SMD: multiples 100 pcs

SMD 0603 Resistors

Multilayer ceramic resistors SMD 0603.

Product Features

  1. High reliability of components and equipment;
  2. The product does not contain prohibited materials;
  3. Small size saves PCB space.
  4. Rated voltage range from 50V to 150V;
  5. Power from 100mW to 0.1V.
  6. Working temperatures from -50 to 150 degrees Celsius.
  7. Manufacturers: Yageo, Rohm Semiconductor, Hottech, ROYAL OHM, VISHAY, PANASONIC, Stackpole Electronics Inc, UNI-ROYAL, FENGHUA Advanced Technology Co.Ltd., Viking, RALEC, WALSIN, Walsin Technology Corporation, HKR (Hong Kong Resistors) , Vishay Dale, EYANG, Resistor Today, Viking Technology.

Using resistors SMD 0603 and where to buy them in Kiev and Ukraine?

Current limiting function, thick-film power supply integrated circuit. The thick-film integrated circuit used in the pulse power supply circuit is mainly used for pulse width control, voltage regulation, and oscillation switching. Audio power amplifier thick film integrated circuit, audio power amplifier integrated circuit, semiconductor power amplifier integrated circuit and its peripheral resistors, capacitors, inductors and other packaging components.