All people every day become a user of devices with connectors. To transmit electrical voltage and signals, connectors are needed that are mounted on a cable or block. They transfer power to equipment, conductors, or electronic components. A connector is a mechanical connection or disconnection point for electrical circuits. It consists of two or more elements: plugs (part of the connector, which leave pins) and sockets (part of the connector with holes for pins). The connection of electrical devices occurs through mechanical contact of conductors. The number of contacts is determined by the functionality of the connector from one or more. The design of the connector consists of: housing are assembled and non-assembled; they are made of metal, plastic, ceramics and rubber with embedded insulators. A contact group that, when connected, provides the device with a permanent electrical connection. The group contains a contact pin (“male”) and an elastic plate system (“female”). Cable entry is necessary for the cable to go into the connector. What are the types of connectors? Types of connectors for use: signal, feeding; audio, video, computer, others. Types of voltage: high voltage (more than 50V) and low voltage (less than 50V). Types by the range of the current flowing through them: high frequency; low frequency; for direct current (DC). Types of current strength: high current and low current. Types by installation method: on the panel, on the wire or on the rack. Types of connection of electrical conductor to the contacts of connectors: crimping, soldering and screw terminal. Given the variety of connectors, they are divided into four groups: the "female" jack, the "male" jack, the female plug, and the male plug. Today, connectors are used in manufacturing, consumer or construction, telecommunications, work equipment and video equipment. They are used to connect power and transmit signals. In the online store “Eurocom Components” sale of connectors of different types from trusted manufacturers. Our professional managers will always help you find the right product. We deliver products throughout Ukraine in a short time. You can buy connectors at retail (from 1 unit), small or large wholesale.