Wire ends

Buy lugs for wire in Ukraine

Today, any electrical system requires quality connections to ensure reliability. Wire terminations help to avoid fire and create a safe connection for both power and low voltage networks. They protect against surges and surges and eliminate wiring problems.

Cable lugs are special devices that are designed to fix current-carrying conductors, wires and output of an electrical device. They are hollow metal sleeves, into one end of which a wire is inserted.

To ensure the minimum value of the contact resistance, the lugs are fixed to the wire in several different ways: welding, soldering, crimping or clamping with an additional press.

Varieties of connectors for the wire.

According to the variety of designs, the tips are divided into the following types:

  • sleeve - fixed with a clamp, the end of the wire is pressed with a crimper;
  • plug - a design that can be installed in any connector; annular - one side is made in the form of a tube or an open sleeve, and the other visually resembles a ring;
  • an annular hole is made specifically for the bolt, which allows you to establish a high-quality contact on the desired plane;
  • tubular - are an element for combining two or more cores in the form of a cable sleeve;
  • forklift with or without insulation - made in the form of a plate, which is open on one side;
  • allows you to quickly connect and disconnect outputs;
  • knife - are used for contact connection with different pins.

To ensure the safe operation of the electric line, lugs are needed for connecting and connecting wires.

Depending on the material of manufacture, the liners are:

  • copper (crimp connections); aluminum (crimping or soldering);
  • brass (crimped or soldered);
  • combined (aluminum tube and copper contact blade).

Our experts will help you choose and buy terminals according to your needs, conditions and types of wire with a cross section.