Discrete elements

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Discrete elements (electronic components) are semiconductors for the passage of current, which are strongly dependent on temperature, the conductivity of the concentration of impurities and the effects of different types of (radiation) emittance.

The main groups of discrete elements:

  • passive ones – independently don’t create energy;
  • active – have energy reserves;
  • electromechanical – produce energy from the power source.

What are electronic components and where are they used?

Diodes – semiconductor devices with two electrodes, which have different conductivity depending on the direction of the electric current. They are used in all types of equipment: fire detection sensors, controllers for recycling, cars, refrigerators, etc.

Suppressor (protective diodes) – these are limiters, designed to protect devices from impulse overvoltages. Suppressors, having a small capacity, can withstand a large current. Due to the rapid response, the element does not have time to burn out and the excess voltage goes into the ground. They are used to protect various equipment and technology.

Zener diodes – semiconductor diodes operating at reverse bias in the breakdown mode. They are used to maintain the voltage with high accuracy over a wide range of reverse currents.

Diode bridges are electrical devices designed to “straighten” alternating current into a pulsating one. They are used in electronics that are powered by a single-phase network: fluorescent lamps, turntables and televisions.

Dinistors are two – electrode devices having two leads that conduct current in one direction. They are needed to adjust the switching currents of a large nominal.

Transistors are semiconductors, usually with three leads, for controlling electrical current.

The device corrects the electrical load in:

  • electronic lamps,
  • voltage control relays,
  • fan speed controllers,
  • amplifying circuits and traffic controllers.

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