About company

The internet store Eurocom Components is easy and reliable.

The company Eurocom Components is the official Ukrainian distributor of electronic components of well-known brands from stocks in the USA, Europe and Asia, as well as the manufacture of printed circuit boards and the manufacture of LED lamps.

As our history began

The company was founded in 2005 in Kyiv. We began our work with personal meetings and trips. Clients learned about us through word of mouth. With minimal experience, fail forward to success, our company developed and became on a par with competitors.

Then and now, we work on result, fulfilling all your conditions and wishes in shortest possible terms. Every day, finding new customers, signing a deal for a deal, we worked, we work and we will work.

“The production of electronic components is constantly evolving, the components are getting smaller, the list of positions is extending. In this constantly changing ocean of electronics, we have been swimming for a long time. We know and are able to form a warehouse, we provide system deliveries of necessary components, we control the remains, we have the knowledge and experience for the selection of analogues.
Within the framework of production we solve all production and non-production tasks. We work both with our own raw materials and with our customers' raw materials. We conduct mandatory automatic and quality control.
We support low prices so that our customers can successfully compete with global manufacturers”  Andrey Martynov, director of Eurocom Components.

Our achievements

"We do everything quickly, efficiently and cheaply – thanks to the excellent work of the team. It is so pleasing when people gather who like to do their job, and for whom you want to create a comfortable environment."   Andrey Martynov, director of Eurocom Components.

Eurocom Components proves from experience that small ideas can turn into big projects, thanks to the desire to go towards their goals.

"Sixteen years ago, we started with personal meetings and trips, found out what electronic components people needed, and brought them. At that time people received information about us through word of mouth".   Andrey Martynov, director of Eurocom Components.

Now the company has several areas of activity, including the manufacture of its own product – control parts for a wide variety of electronic devices. The Eurocom Components team prides themselves on a low product defect rate of just 0.72%.

"It is not a shame to enter the markets of other countries with such quality."   Andrey Martynov, director of Eurocom Components.

Your benefits when working with us:

Easy of choice

Our online store is equipped with simple and practical tools for selecting goods according to their technical characteristics. By telephone or in our office, we are ready to provide qualified advice and answer your questions.

Deliveries from a warehouse and customized

Delivery from a warehouse in Ukraine in 1-2 days.

Customized delivery: express delivery within a week, standard – 2-3 weeks, sea – 2-3 months. We deliver both in Ukraine and abroad.

Quality assurance

All products are certified and meet quality standards.

Full package of documents

The product is certified, the package of documents is prepared by our accounting department. No worries.

The trust

Each client has a personal manager. We do everything so that our partners, coming with a new order, work with an already familiar person.

About us in numbers

  • Experience in the market – 15 years
  • Product portfolio of more than 40 global manufacturers
  • The total product range of over 4 million product items
  • Production of printed circuit boards per month: from 120 thousand units
  • 70 qualified specialists work in the company.
  • More than 20 units of control, test and installation equipment.

Customized board assembly

Boards are made according to the technical specifications, maintain all wishes of client. Complete with printed circuit boards are steel electropolished stencils for applying solder paste.

Our boards are made under the constant supervision of control and testing equipment. For each board, we provide test reports about passing control.

Urgent production of printed circuit boards is 1-2 weeks, standard production for 3-4 weeks.

Why is it worth to buy electronic components in our online store?

Every client is important for us; you can come to agreement upon beneficial terms of cooperation with us:

  • provide a personal manager
  • competitive prices in the market
  • time efficient delivery
  • shipment of goods is not by MPQ.

If you have any additional questions, please call us 044-33-44-575, or email info@eurocom-c.com.