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To date, the electronic component that is most commonly used in devices is a resistor. With its help, in the electric circuit, the necessary resistance is formed and the required distribution and stabilization of electrical energy in the devices occurs. Resistors are passive elements, with a stable or variable value of electrical resistance, designed to reduce the current in the device. It is easy to distinguish – the nominal value of resistance is marked on the product itself. Released resistors are of different types and kinds.

The main factors of their classification include:

  1. the nature of the change in resistance,
  2. the material of production,
  3.  the purpose and methods of protection.

By the nature of the change in resistance:

  • constant (fixed value of resistance);
  • variables (change in resistance during use).

By production material:

  1. semiconductor,
  2. film,
  3. wire wound,
  4. metal,
  5. carbon and metal-foil.

By protection methods:

  1. isolated,
  2. uninsulated,
  3. sealed,
  4. vacuum.

To destination:

  • Output resistors;
  • SMD resistors (elements that do not have legs, the leads for the connection are on the surface of the case, they are simply assembled and save space on the board);
  • On the PCB;
  • Soldered.

Where are the resistors used?

Thanks to resistors, devices operate on mains with different voltages. It helps to redistribute and regulate the current for the necessary resistance. It is used in both simple handheld devices and high-voltage working devices. It can be various household appliances, audio equipment, fire detectors, lighting, security systems and motor vehicles. In electronic equipment, resistors can be operated as electronic components, or as constitutive elements of integrated circuits. The online store “Eurocom Components” selling resistors of various types from proven manufacturers.

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