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Minimum order amount: 500 UAH
Quantity of SMD: multiples 100 pcs

Time, timers

To buy time microcircuits and timers in Ukraine

One of the most commonly used electronic components is timer and timer chips. Such assemblies are used in different devices. They have received high recognition in distribution in electrical circuits.

The main task of the device is to create single or multiple pulses with precise delimitation of time intervals between them.

Eurocom Components supplies high quality microcircuits to the market at affordable prices. Their main advantage is their affordable price. There are many developed and popular electrical equipment schemes on sale. You can order the necessary electrical components at reasonable prices on the manufacturer's supplier's website.

Application area

The capabilities of time microcircuits and timer are quite wide. They are used in different types of machinery. Microcircuits are found in almost all signal generation circuits. The production of light warning devices, various sound devices, metal detectors, devices for determining humidity, illumination and touch is not complete without timer microcircuits.

The timer is embedded in the microcircuit and allows you to create a time relay in order to control the operation of various equipment for periods specified by the userм.

Benefits of buying time chips on EUROCOM COMPONENTS

We have been specializing in the production of electronics to order for several years and offer customers a large assortment of microcircuits available for order. The company's specialists comprehensively solve the tasks set by the client to ensure the assembly of finished products, installation of any degree of complexity.

How to buy time chips? It is enough to come to us with a request. Company specialists:

  1. Provide documentation development.
  2. Arrange the supply of components.
  3. Contact assembly of microcircuits and other electrical components will be performed.

By contacting us, you can reduce your costs for the purchase of expensive electronics, reduce the burden on the payroll and reduce the number of highly skilled workers.

You can quickly master new niches and take a place in the market, because about 90% of all components and microcircuits are in stock.

The average production time for a new product per order is 14 days. All electrical components and microcircuits are provided with an official warranty for a period of 2 years.

Why do customers choose EUROCOM COMPONENTS?

  1. Affordable price. Loyal pricing policy is the result of close cooperation with import suppliers, own imports, assembly of elements on site by the company's employees. We minimize production and logistics costs in order to make high-quality microcircuits of time, timer, even more affordable.
  2. Consistently high quality. A high level of professionalism and extensive experience of our specialists, excellent quality control and production equipment, allows us to manufacture products of the highest quality. We control the quality of products at every stage of production.
  3. Operational terms of execution of orders. All orders are carried out and completed in the shortest possible time. The well-established logistics and supply system allows us to strictly adhere to the deadlines for fulfilling orders of any volume.
  4. Technical support. The company's specialists are ready to answer your questions, advise on the technical characteristics of products. We will help you find analogues, improve the technical characteristics and parameters of products.
  5. Favorable conditions for cooperation. You can pay for products using different payment systems.

Professional equipment. In the process of manufacturing electronic components, devices with high performance are used, which allow us to produce a large range of products in the shortest possible time.