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Minimum order amount: 500 UAH
Quantity of SMD: multiples 100 pcs

Battery control

To buy microcircuits for battery charge control in Ukraine

Almost all modern equipment has rechargeable batteries. They are a power supply, primary or backup. To control the battery charge, special microcircuits are used.

Eurocom Components offers a wide range of microcircuits and electrical components of various types. We specialize in the production and sale of electronic components at affordable prices

You may find benefits of buying battery control microcircuits on the Eurocom Components website

  1. Fast execution of orders of any volume. A well-established system of partnerships and a developed logistics system allow us to fulfill a large number of orders in a short time.
  2. Affordable prices for services. Attractive prices are the result of a well-established system for importing components and assembling electrical components locally by the company's specialists.
  3. Professional high-tech equipment. Differs in high performance indicators and is quickly rebuilt for the production of other types of components.
  4. Flexible payment system. We have provided different payment options for the customer in order to make cooperation with the company as comfortable and productive as possible.
  5. High quality battery control ICs. The products are characterized by consistently high quality thanks to quality control at all stages of the production process using special control equipment.