Contract manufacturing

The Eurocom Components company is the official Ukrainian distributor that supplies electronic components of well-known brands from warehouses in the USA, Europe and Asia, as well as a manufacturer of printed circuit boards and LED lamps.

You just need to come to us with an idea, and we will ensure the development of documentation, the delivery of components, printed circuit boards and contract assembly. This allows you to reduce your costs for the purchase of expensive equipment, the load on the payroll and the number of required highly qualified employees.

Each client has a personal manager. We do everything so that our partners, coming with a new order, work with a person they already know.

At the moment, the release time of the new product is 2-3 weeks. We give a 2 years quality guarantee for the assembled boards.

Why choose us


Attractive prices, which are achieved through our own import of equipment and assembly of boards with our high-tech equipment. This allows you to minimize the logistics and production process costs.


We guarantee high quality due to the professional and technical potential of our employees and control equipment with which the production is equipped. The company carries out constant monitoring - our technical specialists are necessarily present at every stage of production.


Long-term partnerships with suppliers and our reputation in the market allow us to carry out an order as soon as possible. A well-established logistics system shortens the total duration of the contract.


Specialists of our company are always ready to advise you on technical issues of interest, select analogs, reengineer your product, which will improve the technical parameters of the product and minimize the price.


The company's flexible financial policy provides a variety of contract payment systems, which allows us to always meet our customers' needs in the search for the best terms of the agreement.


The equipment is characterized by high performance and the ability to quickly reconfigure to another type of product, which allows producing a large range of products while maintaining a high level of product quality.

We offer contract manufacturing using a variety of equipment lines:


1st line

  • Automatic loader Nutek, NT-VBL-3C, USA
  • Automatic stencil printer DEK HORIZON 03I, Japan
  • Conveyor Nutek 1m Inspection, NTM510RCL-1000-1, USA
  • PA 1314/03 High Speed Pick & Place Machine Opal-XII SF, including 8 placing heads, Japan
  • Inspection conveyor Nutek 2.42m NTM530WSL-2421-4-3C, USA
  • Reflow oven MR-HF212 Hotflow 2/12, Germany
  • Automatic unloader Nutek, NT-VBL-3C, USA


2nd line

  • Semi-automatic printer SPM, MPM Corporation, USA
  • Automatic loader ASYS AES03, Germany
  • Conveyor ASYS TM6, Germany
  • Automatic machine for installing SMD components Zevatech FM-730, Japan
  • Automatic machine for installing SMD components Zevatech FM-740, Japan
  • Reflow oven SMT 400 / 2.4C, Germany
  • Automatic unloader ASYS AMS03, Germany


3rd line

  • Automatic loader SAMSUNG TECHWIN LD-100E, Korea
  • Automatic printer AP-25, MPM Corporation, USA
  • Conveyor C-100LG Chimall, China
  • Automatic machine for installing SMD components SAMSUNG TECHWIN SM321, Korea
  • Reflow Oven Speedline Electrovert Omni 7E, USA
  • Automatic unloader SAMSUNG TECHWIN UL-100E, Korea


Automatic video inspector (AOI) MRI-730 2pcs

Automatic robot for soldering DIP elements K9334 6pcs

Automatic machines for cutting wires, crimping contacts, forming leads.

Machine for depanelizing printed circuit boards and for trimming leads

PCB varnishing machine

Outlet Mounted Robot Nitrogen Generator

Mixer for high-quality stirring of solder paste

Our services

The company is equipped with the latest, high-performance equipment allowing to perform the full range of services. Installation of electronic components is carried out using the latest developments of well-known world companies, modern automatic equipment, advanced technological processes and materials.

Highly automated surface-mounted lines provide installation of passive components 0201 and 01005, active components in BGA and microBGA, work with lead-free technologies and work on the third class IPC610.

We guarantee control:

  • delivery time and quality of all components;
  • PCB Mounting;
  • assembled products;
  • remaining components.

We offer our customers a choice of several options for cooperation:

  • performance of a full range of services (from the manufacture of printed circuit boards to installation);
  • installation from raw materials supplied by customer (printed circuit boards and customer equipment);
  • assembly with partly transmitted equipment (this type of cooperation provides an opportunity to cooperate and solve all issues together).

Installation of prototypes from one day to a week.