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Minimum order amount: 500 UAH
Quantity of SMD: multiples 100 pcs

SMD Diode Bridges

Where can you  buy SMD diode bridges in Kiev and cities of Ukraine?

Of course, in the online store of electronics and radio components of the Eurocom Components company, where    a large number of    diode bridges are currently on sale. Applications for these bridge rectifier diodes include Schottky diodes, clipping diodes, rotating diodes, silicon power switching diodes, and PIN diodes.

Bridge rectifier diode structures include planar diodes. There are many types of point contact diodes, mesa diodes, epitaxial and   diffusion diodes.

The diode characteristics of bridge rectifier diodes include general purpose point contact diodes, high reverse voltage   withstand electronic components and high return resistance.

There are many kinds of point contact diodes and high conductivity point contact diodes.