The widespread use of electronic technology in all spheres of life contributes to the development of tools and devices that will protect equipment from burnout and breakdowns. One such device is a potentiometer that can stabilize voltage and equalize current. A potentiometer is a variable resistor with three contacts for current regulation. Its value depends on the angle of adjustment, changing the resistance – the current changes to control the external device. It consists of three pins, two are attached to the element forming resistance, the third is a slider through which to move. Most potentiometers are characterized by the following parameters: maximum resistance and maximum power dissipation. Variable resistor has the most standardized value. In electronic technology, you can also use it as a rheostat.

The main types of potentiometers are: For the nature of the resistance.

change:  Linear – in the device, the change in the Ohm value is regulated and determined directly from the turning angle of the sliding contact; logarithmic – the Ohm parameter changes fairly quickly at the start, and then much slower; exponential (anti-logarithmic) – change the value of Ohms is performed slowly at the beginning, and then much faster. For body type. Mounting potentiometers (attached to the circuit board by soldering) Axial potentiometers (single turn, twin or multi turn); Encoders (one of the important connectors between the mechanical part and the control unit).

Depending on the structure:

  • coal;
  • film;
  • metal.

What technique do potentiometers use?

It is used in various devices, household appliances, musical instruments or in work equipment, as well as in:

  • volume controls and output voltage;
  • different types of controllers;
  • receivers;
  • temperature regulators;
  • settings for angular or linear displacement sensors;
  • regulators of the speed of circulation of electrical wires;
  • power settings.

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