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To buy pulse transformers in Ukraine

Pulse transformers (pulse transformers) are an ideal product for galvanic isolation in power electronics. The galvanic isolation with the help of a pulse transformer simplifies the whole control circuit and protects it from destruction due to the transients of high energy in the load circuit. In most cases, the signal (control pulse) is transmitted from the control electronics to the circuit, which is usually under a high voltage potential. Typical applications and products for the use of pulse transformers (pulse transformers) include DC-DC converters, frequency converters, voltage converters, switching devices, control of field-effect transistors and field-effect transistors for ignition of thyristors and triacs. Transformers are available with one or two secondary windings each. Depending on the series, they operate with a maximum operating voltage of 500 V or 3000 V and have a range of rated current from 0.1 A to 3 A. The features and advantages of pulse transformers include the following:

Galvanic isolation

  • Dielectric strength up to 4 kV or 8 kV
  • Allows you to scale the high voltage difference
  • Additional grounded screen
  • Vacuum filling
  • Very low partial discharge effects
  • Individual solutions on request