Wires, Cables, Loops

When performing work on electrical installations, wiring is of great importance. It includes wires, cables and their corresponding fixtures, protective and supporting structures. Connecting wires are used for laying in domestic or industrial premises, outdoors, in appliances and pipes. An electric wire is a cable device that includes one or more twisted wires, on the surface of which, depending on the operation, there may be a non-metallic sheath of wire or fibrous materials.They transfer electricity from the source to the consumer. Types of wires: assembly, winding, connecting, for rolling stock, lead, installation, for communication, automotive, aviation, non-insulated, heat-resistant, thermoelectrode. A cable is a construction of insulated conductors, one or more, for the transmission of electrical current. Unlike wires, the cable can be laid under water and in the ground. What are the groups of wires and cables, why use them? Control – data transfer parameters of different systems. Power – work in devices for all voltages. Control – giving commands and signals automatically or manually. Communication – signal exchange in different frequencies. Radiation – high frequency radio signal. Heating – recycle electrical energy into heat. If necessary, our managers will help you choose and buy cable and electrical wire according to your goals and conditions. What is a train? Loops are electrical circuits that consist of auxiliary elements and connecting wires to transfer energy to the consumer. Loop Types: parallel, sequential; inductive; two-wire; half wave, quarter wave; loaded, open, short-circuited; trimmers. Where are the loops used? Loops operate at a fully reflected electric wave from the end to the oppositely connected electrical circuit. They are used in fire alarm systems, matching devices, in the form of a resonator, capacitance, inductance and in other equipment. The online store Eurocom Components presents a wide range of products and affordable cost of loops, electrical wires and cables. Products from proven and certified manufacturers. Delivery of orders throughout Ukraine and abroad.