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For the functioning of electronic devices, such components as microcircuits are required. They include electronic components that allow for current flow and device operation.

Microcircuits are products made on a semiconductor wafer, which are placed in a non-separable case. Electronic circuits can be of varying complexity, depending on their further use. They are a device part that is used in cash registers, laptops, washing machines, video processors, counters, security systems, and other electrical devices.

What are the types of circuits depending on the signal processing?

Analog microcircuits (AM, operational amplifiers) - are used to process analog signals in audio equipment, recuperation controllers, communication devices and voltage stabilization.

Digital microcircuits (CM) - work at several levels of signal amplitude. They are used in electronic computers for processing digital information, as well as in automatic control systems.

Analog-digital microcircuits (ADC) - accept input analog signals and generate the corresponding digital ones. By the type of installation, two types of microcircuits are distinguished: SMD and output.

Depending on the provided properties and functions, microcircuits are created using different materials and technologies. In accordance with this, they are semiconductor and film. But not all circuits strictly belong to one of the categories; there are also mixed types, which include hybrid and combined microcircuits.

Integrated microcircuits are used in various areas of electronic technology, where there are semiconductor devices. ICs easily compete with circuits assembled on discrete elements due to several parameters: small size and weight, high stability and reproducibility, low noise level and low power consumption.

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