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DC-DC Converters, power management

To buy microcircuits DC-DC converters in Ukraine

Today on the market there are a variety of microcircuits for building DC-DC converters. The recognized leader in the production and supply of such electronic components to the Ukrainian market is Eurocom Components. We specialize in the production of high quality microcircuits

DC-DC converters are designed to convert an input DC voltage at the input to a DC voltage at the output. The components in the microcircuits do an excellent job of this task, regardless of changes in the input voltage

DC-DC converters are of different types: with 1, 2, 3, 4 or more outputs, differ in power (from minimum to several tens of watts).

Most often, manufacturers supply DC-DC converters to the market in the form of a ready-made module. The latter is attached to the printed circuit board. On sale there are DC-DC converters of the step-up and step-down type. Boosts make it possible to increase the low voltage to higher values. Decreasing values, on the contrary, decrease the increased values

Using of DC-DC Converters

Most types of DC-DC converters can be used as:

  • voltage converter;
  • as chargers when recharging any type of battery;
  • as a controller when installing solar panels;
  • as LED drivers and power supplies with adjustable output voltage.

Most often, microcircuits with DC-DC converters are used in such areas of human life:

  • in portable electrical devices;
  • to provide power to the microcontroller;
  • in microelectronics;
  • in car adapters for laptops;
  • in industrial devices;
  • in microprocessor systems, etc.

Why microcircuits need to be ordered from Eurocom Components?/h2>

Eurocom Components is a leading supplier of electronic components and DC-DC converter microcircuits at affordable prices. We work in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. You can order the production and delivery of electrical components at affordable prices to any region of the country by transport companies. The catalog contains microcircuits of DC-DC converters of various designs.

The company's work is based on well-established business processes that allow us to implement the most complex tasks and orders. We guarantee an optimal result, tailored to the individual needs of a particular customer.

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