Hermetic bushings

Buy sealed bushings in Ukraine

In everyday and professional activities, the use of cables and wires is inevitable. In order for the cables to function properly, the correct retention is required by the cable glands.

The main task in working with wires is to transfer electricity and guarantee protection from environmental factors such as moisture and dust.

Sealed bushings (glands) - products that are designed to fix the connection of the electric line and protect the wire from moisture, dust, kinking and cuts of conductors.

The sealed lead-in consists of a clamping and locking nut (fastening), seals (sealing) and a toothed coupling (for fixing the cable during operation).

In order to attach the oil seal, you need to:

  • Insert the body of the part into a hole of a suitable diameter and secure it with a fixing nut;
  • Place the sealing nut and tighten.

Varieties of sealed bushings

In accordance with the technical requirements, conditions and specifics of installation, sealed leads are of the following types:

  • PG sealed entries;
  • hermetic glands with metric thread;
  • plugs on the body; cable shanks.

In accordance with the material, sealed glands can be divided into: plastic grommets and metal glands. Our professional managers will always help you to select and buy hermetic bushings.

Our goods are supplied by trusted manufacturers who have been making products for many years in the radio electronics market.

Where are oil seals used?

Sealed bushings are used in almost any business or industrial activity. This detail is indispensable in the construction of public or residential buildings, hotels, office premises and clinics.

The glands ensure a secure installation of the cable, prevent kinks and seal the cable glands. The cost of sealed glands in the Eurocom Components online store depends on the type and material of the product. We deliver products throughout Ukraine in a short time. You can buy sealed glands at retail (from 1 unit), small or large wholesale.