To ensure the reliability and safety of insulation in electrical equipment, it is important to eliminate large AC voltage surges. Therefore, transformers are especially needed for the proper transportation of electricity to the network. They are able to raise and lower the stresses in the mechanisms to the optimum level. What is a transformer? It is an electromagnetic device designed to transform the alternating current of one voltage into alternating current of another without changing the frequency and power loss. It may contain one or more insulated wire coils, surrounded by a magnetic flux, wrapped around a core. The principle of operation of the transformer is based on the law of electromagnetic induction: a fluctuating, for a certain period of time, an electric current forms a magnetic field. The main types of electromagnetic device and its application: power transformer – the transformation of electrical energy to the standard 220V, sometimes low-voltage, single-phase and three-phase; current transformer – reducing the current of the primary winding to the desired value; autotransformer – has an electromagnetic and electrical connection, so you can adjust the voltage in large electric machines and relay protection mechanisms; voltage transformer – the transformation of high voltage to low in measuring circuits; pulse transformer – converts alternating voltage into direct current with an increase in power, is used in electricity meters, computers and radio communication systems; welding transformer – used for various types of welding; isolation transformer – maintaining the safety of electrical networks; matching transformer – coordinating the resistance of different types of networks with minimal deformation of the waveform; peak transformer – change in voltage of a sinusoidal form on a pulse as a generator in automation systems; dual choke – consists of a pair of identical windings, used in the input and signal filters of power supplies and audio equipment; transfluxor – has additional windings and a greater magnetization of the wire, necessary for storing information. Each transformer has certain installation methods, internal, external, tire, stationary, supporting, portable. If necessary, our professional managers will always help you choose and buy a transformer that is suitable for your conditions and goals. Where is an electromagnetic device used? The device is used in all spheres of life, starting from home and ending with various types of industry, power industry and electronics. Most often it is used in power supplies and power grids. One of the main tasks is to maintain a stable current in all kinds of equipment. For the passage of electrical energy over a long distance you need to use a low current and high voltage. The converter raises the generator voltage at the station, before the start of current transfer, and then reduces the voltage to an acceptable amount. In the online store of Eurocom Components, the price of a transformer depends on its type and purpose. You can order goods from a trusted manufacturer both in retail (from one) and wholesale (small or large). Delivery works throughout Ukraine.