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Buy Wi-Fi chips in Ukraine

As we all know, WIFI 6 technology has recently become a hot topic for netizens. Thanks to the popularity of many giants such as Huawei and Xiaomi, netizens have once again become aware of the powerful WIFI 6 technologies, especially in the 5G era.

The three most commonly used and well-known IoT wireless communication technologies in the industry are Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / ZigBee. Among them, WIFI technology is undoubtedly the most widespread in our daily life, as well as the most common inseparably.

Where can Wi-Fi be used?

At home or in public places such as airports, subways, banks, restaurants, etc., WIFI signals are usually provided. As long as you turn on the WLAN in your mobile phone, you can search for WIFI signals around you, but as the WIFI application scenarios continue to deepen, the core WIFI technology, the WIFI chip, has also become the focus of most chip manufacturers.

Everyone knows that in the global semiconductor industry, Samsung Electronics has already become the "big brother" of the global semiconductor industry. When it comes to chip production, Taiwanese TSMC is also the undisputed big brother. In R&D, Design, Broadcom, Qualcomm, and Huawei HiSilicon also hold leading positions in the world. While Broadcom and Qualcomm remain firmly # 1 and # 2 in the chip design rankings, they are all US companies.

Intel has really demonstrated its strengths in chip design. Among them, Broadcom and Qualcomm are the first and second largest WIFI chip makers in the world. Among the world's giants in chip design, the Chinese are also playing an increasingly important role, especially Huawei HiSilicon, which became the fastest growing chip development company in the world in 2019. 

The best manufacturers of WI-FI chips in the world

The world's top ten WIFI chip manufacturers are categorized as follows:

  1. Broadcom
  2. Qualcomm
  3. Meiman Technology
  4. MediaTek (MTK) (China (Taiwan))
  5. Texas Instruments
  6. Realtek Semiconductor (China (Taiwan))
  7. Silicon Labs
  8. Nufront (China)
  9. Espressif Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)
  10. All Chi (China)

It should be noted that among the world's top 10 WIFI chip manufacturers, there are 6 Chinese-controlled companies. At the same time, Huawei HiSilicon has become the fastest growing chip company in the world, so the "monopoly advantage" of chip giants like Qualcomm and Broadcom in the US may also gradually disappear.

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