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Minimum order amount: 500 UAH
Quantity of SMD: multiples 100 pcs

SMD 1210 Resistors

Brief characteristics of resistors

  1. Small size and light weight;
  2. Adaptation to soldering;
  3. Stable electrical performance and high reliability;
  4. Low assembly cost, comparable to automatic stacking equipment;
  5. High mechanical strength and excellent high frequency performance.


Note. Resistors are made by vacuum deposition of a layer of alloy resistive film onto a ceramic substrate, adding a protective layer of glass material, and a three-layer electroplating. They have high reliability, uniform appearance and size, accuracy and temperature coefficients. The resistance tolerance is small.

Features of SMD 1210 thin film resistor and how to use it

  • Nickel-chromium film is used as a special anti-acid and moisture-proof film.
  • Very low error ± 0.1%.
  •  Low temperature coefficient ± 25 PPM / ° C.

Used in:

  • Automatic equipment.
  • High performance computers.
  • Industrial equipment.
  • Has a wide resistance range.
  • Used in automatic control equipment.
  • Communication equipment.
  • Medical equipment.
  • High-tech multimedia electronic equipment.

Using a SMD 1210 resistor and where to buy them in Kiev and Ukraine?

 SMD components are small in size, light in weight, high in installation density and high in impact resistance. It has the advantages of strong noise immunity and good high frequency performance. It is widely used in computers, mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, medical electronic products, camcorders, electronic watt hours and VCD players. SMD components can be divided into three types: rectangular, cylindrical, and special in shape. By type, there are resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, and small integrated circuits. The nominal method of SMD components is different from conventional components.