LED products

Lighting is essential for comfortable work and life in the modern world. Now more and more developing and increasing the range of LED devices. They consume much less electricity, are characterized by high brightness and pure intensity of the emitted light than other lamps or lighting devices. A LED is a semiconductor device that converts electrical current into optical radiation.

How is the color of the LED determined?

Color depends only on the width of the forbidden band in which electrons are redistributed, as well as on the semiconductor material and the content of the impurities. LED classification. LED devices are divided into two large groups, the main difference of which is power: lighting LEDs – with high luminous power and brightness, they are embedded in LED lamps and strips; Indicator LEDs – low power with moderate brightness, used as a backlight for various types of devices.

What are LED indicators?

These are integrated circuits from LEDs, which are used for light indication and reproduction of various information. Manufacturers produce single diode indicators for panel mounting. And also collect digital or alphanumeric scoreboards that are needed in hours.

Types of lighting devices, depending on the manufactured body:

  • SMD – very bright white and color diodes, power about 0.1 W and designed for surface mounting;
  • COB – many chips are placed in one case, designed for luminaires;
  • “Piranha” or Superflux – for lighting in the car;
  • DIP – lights for toys and light boards.

If necessary, our certified managers will always help you choose and buy LEDs. Products only from time-tested manufacturers. Nowadays, LED-diodes are indispensable, they are used absolutely in all spheres of life where lighting is necessary. A significant part of large companies and manufacturing enterprises change incandescent lamps and halogen lamps to LED. The main factors of the shift is that it is very economical and safe for people and the environment – no need for special disposal.

LED light is used:

  1. lighting houses,
  2. rooms,
  3. transport,
  4. electronic household and working equipment,
  5. road signs, as a backlight for screens,
  6. mobile phones,
  7. flexible PVC light cords and as fitolamps.

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