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Fast Recovery SMD Diodes

How to distinguish Schottky diodes from self-healing SMD diodes and where to buy them in Kiev and Ukraine?

High frequency, high current rectification and freewheel circuits use a large number of fast recovery diodes (FBR), super fast recovery diodes (SRD) and Schottky diodes (SBD). Schottky diodes are used to block reverse voltage across a metal or semiconductor contact surface, thereby allowing current to flow unidirectionally. Unlike traditional diodes, there is a big difference between the structure of the Schottky junction and the PN junction. A fast recovery diode, as the name suggests, is a semiconductor diode that can recover reverse time quickly. 

What you need to know about Schottky and fast recovery diodes?

A Schottky diode is a diode based on a barrier formed by the contact between a metal and a semiconductor, called a Schottky barrier diode, which has a forward voltage drop (0.4-0.5 V) and a short reverse recovery time (10-40 nanoseconds), and reverse leakage current is large, withstand voltage is low, usually less than 150V, and is mainly used at low voltage. A self-healing diode is a diode with a short reverse recovery time (less than 5 μs). This process mainly uses gold alloying measures. The structure uses a PN junction structure, and some have an improved PIN structure. The forward voltage drop is higher than that of conventional diodes (1-2V), and the reverse withstand voltage is mostly below 1200V. 

In terms of performance, it can be divided into two levels: Fast Recovery and Super Fast Recovery. 

The reverse recovery time of the first is hundreds of nanoseconds or more, and the second is less than 100 nanoseconds. The ultra-fast recovery diode (abbreviated as fred) is a semiconductor diode with good switching characteristics and ultra-short reverse recovery time. It is commonly used for continuous current, absorption, limiting, isolation, output and output for high voltage switching devices. 

Ultra-fast recovery diodes are indispensable in the development of high frequency equipment (above 20 kHz) and solid state development of high frequency equipment. You can buy these electronic components at the Kiev electronics plant Eurocom Components.