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Tantalum SMD

To buy tantalum SMD condensers in Ukraine

A tantalum electrolytic capacitor, also called a tantalum electrolytic capacitor, is an electrolytic capacitor whose anode electrode is made of so-called tantalum valve metal, on which a homogeneous dielectric layer of tantalum pentoxide has been created by anodic oxidation. The liquid or solid electrolyte forms the cathode of the capacitor.

Tantalum electrolytic capacitors are polarized capacitors that can only operate at a constant voltage. The anode is the positive pole. Incorrect polarity, too high voltage or pulsating current overload will cause the capacitors to short circuit and break. Tantalum electrolytic capacitors may ignite during a short circuit.

Advantages of tantalum capacitors

  • One of the highest energy densities among all types of capacitors.
  • Reliable, service life is not limited to evaporation.
  • Significantly higher load capacity when applying alternating current (pulsating current) than "wet" aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Good low temperature characteristics: impedance and ESR are about twice as high at -40 ° C as at room temperature.


  • more expensive than an electrolytic capacitor made of alumina
  • sensitive to on and off processes with low resistance (see switching resistance)
  • depending on scarce and expensive tantalum raw materials
  • low tensile strength


Buffer and filter capacitors in power supplies, especially in rugged miniature devices such as B. in automotive electronics, airbag electronics, in navigation devices and sensors, in cell phones, laptops, and in medical devices such as pacemakers and hearing aids.