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An encoder is a sensor, software, or algorithm that converts information from one specific format (or encoding) to another specific format (or encoding). The purpose of the transformation may be related to standardization, speed, privacy, security, or for data compression.

Rotary encoder with EnDat protocol support

The encoder encoder detects the position using optical, magnetic or mechanical contacts, converts the position into an electronic signal and outputs it as a position control feedback signal.

The sensor can be divided into rotary encoder or linear encoder according to the driving mode:

An encoder can convert a rotation position or rotation amount into an analog (eg analog quadrature signal) or digital (eg USB, 32-bit parallel or digital quadrature signal, etc.) electronic signal, which is usually set by rotation. 

Linear encoders similarly convert linear position or linear movement into electrical signals.

Encoders can be divided into absolute and incremental. The absolute encoder signal divides the position into many areas, each area has its own unique number, and then the number is output, which can provide clear position information without previous position information. An incremental encoder signal is periodic and the signal itself cannot provide specific position information.

If the determined position is the criterion, then the determined position information can be obtained by continuously counting the signals.

Absolute and incremental encoders can achieve the same resolution, but absolute encoders do not require previous position information and are more suitable for applications where the encoder signal may be interrupted.

Electronic circuit

The priority encoder converts some competing signals (such as interrupt requests) into the corresponding numbers with the highest priority among the input signals.