Quartz resonators, generators

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In the modern world, more than ever, the transformation and movement of a large amount of energy and signals over long distances is relevant. Digital devices require high accuracy of electricity, therefore, quartz resonators and oscillators are used.

These devices are not identical, despite the similarity of the name, they are different in nature.

A quartz resonator is an integral part of a quartz oscillator. A quartz resonator is a crystal that, under the influence of signal control, resonates and outputs the frequency necessary for the microprocessor to operate. The accuracy of its operation depends on the temperature and the material of the crystal. It operates on the basis of a piezoelectric effect that appears on a quartz plate.

What are the quartz resonators?

Depending on the material, the following types are distinguished: metal, plastic, glass.

According to their intended purpose, resonators are: oscillator and filtered.

By the type of housing: output quartz resonators (cylindrical and standard, volumetric installation) and SMD quartz resonators (surface mounting).

"Quartz" resonators are used in many areas of electronics due to their high temperature stability and efficient operation. They are used in clocks and timers, measuring devices, electronic toys and radios.

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A crystal oscillator is a crystal that allows you to change the signal, resonates and gives out the frequency necessary for the microprocessor to work. Its basis is a quartz resonator. It is independent of temperature, insensitive to moisture, and has proven chemical and mechanical resistance.

Varieties of "quartz" generators:

  • simple (crystal stabilization),
  • temperature-compensated (the frequency of temperature fluctuations is changed by an additional device),
  • thermostated (the frequency is regulated by the constant temperature of the resonator),
  • precision (for specific frequencies).

What are crystal oscillators used for?

They are used in the manufacture of equipment, communication equipment, for generating clock pulses in digital technology, in the form of a frequency standard and for measuring time (clock). Our experts will help you choose and buy quartz oscillators, as well as provide the necessary information about other products. We deliver products throughout Ukraine.