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To buy dinistors in Ukraine

A dinistor is a thyristor that does not have a gate electrode. Dinistors are also called diode thyristors. Like a thyristor, a dinistor can be in an open (conducting) and closed (non-conducting) state, but switching between states occurs by increasing (decreasing) the applied voltage between the anode and cathode.

Dinistor has a four-layer p-n-p-n structure with three p-n junctions. The exit from the outer layer p is the anode, from the outer layer n is the cathode. The dinistor does not have a third gate lead and looks like a conventional semiconductor diode.

The principle of operation of the dinistor Dynistor current-voltage characteristic Dinistor refers to non-linear elements with the so-called current-voltage characteristic S-type, having a phase with negative resistance. When turned on in the blocking direction, the characteristic of the dynistor does not differ from that of a normal diode. However, the dynistor is also closed in the direction of travel until the applied voltage reaches the switching voltage value. As the switching point is approached, the differential resistance of the dynistor rapidly decreases from a few megohms to zero. To close the dynistor, either a negative voltage pulse must be applied, or the current in the dynistor circuit must be interrupted (reduced below the shutdown current value). Applying Dinistors are used in various generator circuits based on negative resistance properties. They are also used in automation control circuits and elsewhere, but controlled thyristors are much more commonly used.