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A choke (reactor) is a semiconductor element, a variation of an inductance coil that allows you to limit or reduce the implementation of the current of certain band frequencies. It corrects the strength of the current in order to divide or limit the electrical signals of different frequencies and eliminate the pulsation of a constant discharge. The throttle principle.

The main parameter of the throttle is inductance. Inductance is an indicator that determines the dependence of the rate of conversion of electric current on a coil on voltage. The design of the choke is quite simple – on the core of ferromagnetic (iron) material a coil of electrical wire is wound.

Choke Classification. Types of reactors depending on the range of frequencies:

  • low frequency choke (with one winding) – used for high density amplifiers in power filtration circuits;
  • high frequency choke (single or multi-layer coils, often without a core) – reduces the ripple of the rectified voltage in the device.

Based on the purpose of the semiconductor element is of the following types:

  1. magnetic amplifiers (MU);
  2. smoothing – reducing the ripple of the rectified current, are used in filters;
  3. due to direct current – change in inductive resistance;
  4. due to alternating current – current limiting in the network;
  5. saturation – voltage regulators and magnetic amplifiers.

Our professional managers will help you choose and buy a choke and answer all your questions. For what purpose and where are the reactors used? In the electric circuit, the main function of the choke is to hold the current of the required frequency range. Also, an important function is the ability to accumulate energy for a specific period of time in a magnetic field. It is a regulator that is placed in the direction of the movement of electric current, liquid and gas.

The semiconductor element is used in different areas of industry, production and home. It is used in power tools, fuel systems, electric filters, fan speed controllers, water systems, and radio devices. In the online store Eurocom Components you can order a choke with delivery throughout Ukraine from reputable manufacturers. And also independently pick up the goods in a warehouse in Kyiv.