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Frequency generators

To buy microcircuits frequency generators in Ukraine

An ultrasonic generator (frequency generator) is a power source that converts an alternating current of 220 or 380 V into an electrical oscillatory signal of ultrasonic frequency. It consists of a generator, voltage amplifier, power amplifier and output transformer. To ensure the frequency stability of the ultrasonic generator and the impedance matching between the generator and the transducer, the ultrasonic generator is also equipped with an acoustic tracking circuit and an automatic frequency tracking circuit.

The development of ultrasonic generators is closely related to the development of electronic equipment. To a certain extent, the development of electronic vehicles dominates the development of ultrasonic generators. There are many types of ultrasonic generators. According to the different operating principles used, they can be classified into analog circuits and digital circuits. According to the different power lamps used, they can be divided into three stages of development: lamp type, transistor type and analog IC type.

Tubular type ultrasonic generator

There are two types of wave oscillations, which can be divided into two types: frequency automatic and acoustic. Already in the 1950s, the electronic tube type appeared, its circuit is simple, the dynamic range is large, but the volume is large, the energy consumption is also high, and now this is excluded.

Transistor ultrasonic generator

It can be divided into two stages: the analog transistor type and the switching transistor type. The development of the transistor type has benefited from the increase in the level of power devices and the growing development of technical ways. Analog transistor type, advanced circuitry, small output power, long service life, low cost is widely used in low power (less than 200W) applications. The switching transistor type combined with the IC circuit type, the circuit type is simplified, the output power is large, the volume is small, the power is small, and it can be easily combined with the microprocessor, which has become the mainstream of development.

Analog frequency generator on an integrated circuit

Compared to the transistor type, the analog IC ultrasonic generator has two obvious advantages: First, when the generator output power is low, the operating voltage of the transducer is significantly reduced. When the transistor generator is delivering low power, the converter's operating voltage reaches 148V, and when the analog integrated circuit generator is delivering low power, the converter's operating voltage is only 9V.Secondly, under the same operating conditions, the analog integrated circuit generator significantly reduces harmonic distortion. than a transistor type generator.

Nowadays, frequency generator microcircuits using digital control have also appeared, which marks a big step towards the intelligent development of frequency generators. This generator is convenient for checking the control circuit and implementing a variety of new control strategies with software, which can realize automatic saving of working data and automatic fault diagnosis.