Terminal blocks

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There are many machinery, apparatus and work equipment in the world that work with electricity. It is impossible to imagine the transmission of electricity without wires and cables. In order for the wires to safely connect consumers to power supplies, it is necessary to use terminal clamps.

Terminal block - a device with which the wires are connected. It consists of contacts made of metal with fasteners for wires placed in a dielectric case.

Terminal blocks, as they are also called, are used to ensure that the connection is reliable, as well as to protect the wires from burnout.

Name options: Terminal Clamp, Terminal Block, Terminal Block, KB, and Terminal Connector.

What are the terminal blocks?

By the method of connecting wires, I distinguish the following types of terminals:

  1. screw (screw type of clamp) - high safety of contact without loss of current values, due to the high force applied to the cable;
  2.  spring (self-clamping) - quick connection due to the ability to speed up the electrical installation process;
  3.  detachable - they consist of two different elements, one is connected to the cable, the other to the board;
  4.  push-on - connect to the wire in the same way as spring terminals;
  5.  barrier - can withstand high amperage;
  6.  pass-through - allows you to install several wires on both sides to form complex wiring schemes;
  7.  terminal blocks for DIN rail - they are able to collect the required number of terminals (a multiple of two) into the block, they are mounted on the rail.

By the type of clamps, there are two types of terminal blocks: straight and angular.

The rows of terminals are divided into: single-row, double-row, three-row, multi-row.

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The scope of use of terminal blocks is very versatile, from the installation of cable lines to the connection of wires for electrical panels or security systems. When using terminal blocks, protection against exposed wires and the ingress of dust and moisture is provided. Vibration resistance is guaranteed without the risk of disconnection. The clamps are easy and quick to connect without special tools.