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Modern electronic devices are assembled from a large number of parts and components. Capacitors are second only to resistors in terms of prevalence and frequency of use in electronic circuits.

What is a capacitor?

A capacitor is the simplest element, between the plates of which energy is accumulated. The peculiarity of a capacitor is that it has a large capacity and can instantly release the charge that it has accumulated, unlike batteries, which transfer charge gradually.

It is a passive electronic component. Typically, it consists of two plate-shaped electrodes separated by a dielectric.

The principle of operation of a capacitor, or as it is also called "Conder", is quite simple. He is able to maintain an electric charge, and more specifically, to be charged and discharged at the required time. Each capacitor works on the same principle, but can perform different functions in the device.

Capacitors are made from different materials, according to which their purpose also differs.

They are ceramic, aluminum, tantalum, polymer and film.

Condenser types depending on regulation:

  • permanent (do not change their capacity);
  • variables (change in capacity during device operation);
  • trimmers (the capacity changes one-time or periodically during adjustment and does not change when the equipment is operating).

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Capacitors are used for voltage ripple adjustment, power replenishment in filters, liquid level measurement, as a charge sampling and storage device, as well as for operation of single-phase motors. They are used in various fields of electronics, in particular in atomic energy technology, metal industry, medicine, liquid level meters, generators, laser technology and vehicles.

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