In the operation of electronic devices, it is important to check their technical condition and ensure safety when switched on in the network. To do this, use auxiliary devices that suppress voltage drops. Since electronic components are quite sensitive to variable processes, it is necessary to take into account all the threats that occur on the electrical line. Varistor is able to adjust the pulse voltage in the network and regulate the operation of devices. A varistor is a semiconductor resistor that changes resistance at voltage surges. It is able to sharply limit the resistance from millions to tens of ohms with increasing voltage above the threshold value. What is the principle of the semiconductor resistor? The device has a high resistance in the primary state, but its voltage drops with an excess of the rated current value. Ultimately, the current strength parameter increases as the resistance range decreases. For proper operation of the device, it is important to pay attention to the capacity of the varistor. Varistors are divided into 2 types depending on the voltage: high voltage varistors – operating voltage up to 20 kV, protects electrical equipment, installations and electrical networks; low-voltage varistors – voltage coverage from 3 to 200V, protect electronic components in low-voltage lines. If necessary, our professional managers will always help you choose and buy a varistor. Product only from time-tested manufacturers. Delivery of products is carried out from Asia, Europe and America. Varistors are widely used in consumer and industrial applications. They are characterized by a wide voltage range, quickly triggered and monitors voltage drops. The main functions and purpose of the varistor: maintains high electrical loads in the network; stabilization and protection of the proper operation of semiconductor devices; prevents the likelihood of damage to equipment due to a power failure; used as a device that extinguishes sparks in electric motors and switches; protection of electrical terminals in the radio equipment; used in the manufacture of voltage limiters. In the online store of the company Eurocom Components the price of a varistor depends on its type and purpose. You can order goods from a trusted manufacturer both in retail (from one) and wholesale (small or large). Delivery works throughout Ukraine.