Today, we often do not notice how at night time the street lighting system is automatically activated and the lights come on. The relay is used for involuntary household appliances, the mechanization of various processes and production. Relay – a switch that connects or disconnects the circuit when it is influenced by external physical actions and abruptly adjusts the output value. What is the principle of the device? The operation of a semiconductor mechanism depends on various types of sources: changes in electric current, light energy, liquid level and pressure of a gas or liquid. Relay classification consists of several groups. Based on the principle of the switch, these types of relays are distinguished: electromagnetic; magnetoelectric; thermal; induction; semiconductor. Given the input incoming value at which the device operates, there are relays of current, voltage, frequency and power. Depending on the application, the relay is for: automation technology and work processes; system security guarantees; control and adjustment of electrical and electronic devices. If necessary, our professional managers will always help you choose and buy a relay. Product only from time-tested manufacturers. Delivery of products is carried out from Asia, Europe and America. Thanks to the development of electronics, semiconductor switches have emerged. One of the devices that guarantee high-quality protection of automatic systems against abrupt voltage surges is a relay. This device works as a kind of breaker. Relays are used in almost all electrical and electronic manufacturing equipment and household appliances. It plays the role of a signal amplifier, which converts it into a high-power circuit due to the application of a low level of electricity. The relay is also capable of connecting electrical circuits and controlling the oscillation of a given parameter to the desired level. In the online store of Eurocom Components, the price of the relay depends on its type and purpose. You can order goods from a trusted manufacturer both in retail (from one) and wholesale (small or large). Delivery works throughout Ukraine.