In most areas of life, people use electrical equipment and equipment that is subject to unforeseen interruptions and problems with sudden voltages. Under different climatic conditions, switching equipment and other factors, it is advisable to provide high-quality protection against overvoltage in the network. Voltage limiters are capable of controlling the operation of devices and isolating them from the negative effects of short circuits and sudden electrical discharges. Arrester – a special electrical device, which is designed to reduce the amplitude and stabilize the overvoltage in the electrical network. This device includes electrodes with a spark distance between them and an arcing device. One electrode is connected to an active circuit for protection, and the other is attached to an earthed circuit. Voltage limiter classification. Tubular arrester – protects the electrical network from power surges. Gas arrester – the overvoltage limitation occurs like a tube arrester, but its tube is filled with inert gas. Valve arrester – reduces the passing current to a value that is acceptable for the smooth operation of equipment, isolation from atmospheric overvoltages. Magnet-Vent Discharger (RVMG) – using the action of the magnetic field guarantees instant arc suppression. Nonlinear surge suppressor (SPD) – makes it possible to isolate equipment from lightning and switching voltage surges. Core spark gaps – help protect wires from burnout. Long spark arrester – thanks to a long discharge block, protection against short circuits is guaranteed. Designed to isolate overhead lines, with the transmission of electric current through the wires from lightning surges and lightning strikes. If necessary, our professional managers will always help you choose and buy arresters. Product only from time-tested manufacturers. Delivery of products is carried out from Asia, Europe and America. Why use voltage limiters? During the operation of electrical equipment there are sudden surges in voltage due to atmospheric and weather conditions or for other reasons. Consequently, the device accepts a voltage that is much higher than the nominal. Even a short circuit leads to accidents at work, in everyday life and brings negative consequences and equipment breakdowns. To ensure long-term operation and reliable protection of electrical equipment, the arising overvoltage limitations are used by arresters. In the online store of the company Eurocom Components the price of the spark gap depends on its type and purpose. You can order goods from a trusted manufacturer both in retail (from one) and wholesale (small or large). Delivery works throughout Ukraine.