Primary, secondary nutrition

During operation and maintenance of any kind of equipment, a stable voltage of electrical energy is necessary. The basis of each action in electrical appliances is the passage of current in the circuit and its regulation. For the emergence of electrical energy in the circuit is required to ensure the voltage in different areas of this circuit. The power source (PI) is an electrical mechanism that is designed to maintain an electric current of various machinery and equipment. There are two main groups of power sources: the primary power supply is the conversion of different types of energy into electrical current. For example: batteries, thermal and nuclear power plants, fuel cells, thermoelectric generators and solar panels. Secondary power - transforms electricity in accordance with the desired parameters: voltage, frequency, alternating current and voltage ripple. For example: transformer and inverter current converters, rectifiers, uninterruptible power supply devices and stabilizers. An electric battery is a reusable chemical current source that provides the ability to conserve energy many times and to supply electrical power to equipment independently of other devices. Types of batteries, depending on the material of manufacture: lithium-polymer battery - used in small-sized equipment, such as mobile phones, photo and video equipment, radio-controlled devices and portable equipment; lithium-ion battery – used in household electrical appliances, electric power drives, computer equipment and electric vehicles. A battery is a device that consists of a set of electrochemical sources of electrical energy and is able to save, accumulate and expend energy. Due to the chemical processes taking place in the device, the battery is capable of re-charging and discharging. In the online store of the company "Eurocom Components" are presented batteries that are used for meters, alarm systems, sensors, ventilation mechanisms and various types of regulators. Power supplies are designed to transmit power, shape and voltage conversion. Thanks to them, protection and adjustment of the alternating current in the device and stabilization of the voltage during sudden power surges occur. They also generate energy by converting it into electrical energy and provide control and correction parameters. If necessary, our professional managers will always help you choose and buy a battery and batteries. Product only from time-tested manufacturers. Delivery of products is carried out from Asia, Europe and America. Delivery throughout Ukraine.