Today, most of the equipment, equipment and working equipment works with the help of electricity. Without buttons and switches it is impossible to imagine the transmission of current and signals to the mechanism. A large range of buttons and switches allows you to take into account the peculiarities of the form and design of devices, control and the introduction of specified commands. A switch (key, switch) is an electrical device that is designed to carry out a quick alternate on and off of the electrical circuit manually, selecting and entering the necessary commands. The switch structure includes two main elements: contact pair and adaptation circuit-opening signals. Contacts are made of platinum, bronze, brass and other metals. The main types of switches and their application: pushbutton switches the device is adjusted thanks to the button to which the actuator is connected to manipulate the mechanical force. Control buttons are used in household appliances, lighting systems and work equipment. Keyboard switches – a design that is controlled by a key. In residential and office premises they are equipped with lighting systems, lamps and other electronic equipment. Toggle switch – the device operates according to the “open-closed” scheme, the mechanical contact does not close two terminals simultaneously. It is designed to adjust the electrical circuit at low loads. Toggle switches are divided into such types based on the method of connection: single pole, single pole doubled, bipolar on two positions. The micro switch is a small device with an instantaneous mechanism. The device is adapted for operation of devices with accurate commands on the remote control, as well as for switches, separating the moving mechanisms in the conclusion of their progress. DIL-switch (jumper) – a device with a multi-range switching contacts in the circuit. It is used for switching with a large number of outputs and specified programs. If necessary, our professional managers will always help you choose and buy switches. Product only from time-tested manufacturers. Delivery of products is carried out from Asia, Europe and America. With the help of buttons and switches on production processes, start, change of mode and stop of equipment, start of machines and display of the operating status of equipment occur. Control buttons are used as specialized sensors for high voltages and high currents. In the online store of Eurocom Components, the price of a switch depends on its type and purpose. You can order goods from a trusted manufacturer both in retail (from one) and wholesale (small or large). Delivery works throughout Ukraine.