Buy motors in Ukraine (DC and AC electric motors)

Many electrical appliances that are widely used in the industrial and domestic spheres perform their functions due to the presence of motors in them. Today, electric motors are used practically in types of production, industry and household equipment.

An electric motor (motor) is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical action, which leads to the movement of mechanisms and equipment.

Varieties of electric motors by type of energy source:

DC motor is a motor whose rotation frequency is controlled evenly and distributed on a large scale. In most cases, this type of engine is used for the electric drive of lifting and transport equipment.

An alternating current motor is a motor in which the electric current moves in a sinusoidal manner and periodically changes its flow.

It is used to transmit high speeds of rotation of electricity for various devices: power tools, pumps, fans, automatic controllers and industrial equipment.

Types of electric motors in the direction of energy movement: linear, induction, piezoelectric.

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What are the main tasks of an electric motor?

It carries out the mechanical operation of the device, thanks to the receipt of electricity and its transformation into translational motion, makes it possible to control voltage parameters, amplifies the power of electrical signals, converts alternating current into direct current.

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